Get Rec’d committee readies for event

The 12th annual Get Rec’d event will take place 8 p.m. Saturday at the Carneval Athletic Pavilion at Gannon University. As always, the KnightLIFE-sponsored event is free to all students.

Every year, Get Rec’d is held on or around St. Patrick’s Day in order to promote a safe environment when partying.

Patrick Chounet, co-president of KnightLIFE, said that the event is being held to provide the students with a safe atmosphere to hang out and not worry about feeling pressured to drink alcohol or give into other forms of peer pressure.

The junior mathematics major said that they will have a lot of activities being hosted by different clubs and organizations. Chounet said about 15 clubs will be present this year in the CAP.

In addition, students have the opportunity of winning prizes, including first pick in the housing lottery. Free food and T-shirts will be given out to students.

A lot goes in for the preparation of Get Rec’d, Chounet said.

“While the physical set-up for the event only takes a few hours, it takes a lot of behind the scene action beforehand,” he said. “The members of KnightLIFE have been working hard, calling different companies asking for donations and figuring out what prizes to buy to make the event a success.”

He said that the event costs a lot more than what KnightLIFE pays due to the massive amounts of donations they receive.

“However, most of our money we receive from SGA goes directly to the T-shirts.”

Chounet said he expects around 400 students to attend this event.

“Students tend to support this event,” he said. “Who wouldn’t, with free food and great prizes?”

Shane Cross, a junior information systems major, is one of those 400 planning to attend this year’s event. He said that the Get Rec’d event is not going to change people’s thoughts about drinking, however.

“I think if a student wants to drink, they are going to,” he said, “and if you are going to be safe, you will be.”

All students get in free to the event, which starts at 8 p.m. at the CAP this Saturday. The event will last until midnight.


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