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Giving blood: The work of angels

Courtesy of Gannon social media Students giving blood at the Palumbo Atrium.

September 22, 2023/12a  

Filling local blood banks is a persistent challenge across all communities. Gannon University and the community blood bank collaborated to Transend all backgrounds for a cause that is bigger than “us”. On September 12th, The Gannon Health Center did what some would call the “work of angels” by holding a blood drive on the third floor of Palumbo Center.  

During this event, students were encouraged to and even incentivized to come to be a part of this event. Flyers and pictures of the event were spread around campus and Gannon’s social media with promises of free Chick-fil-A.  

 While attendance was encouraged not all students were allowed to donate. Donors must have been at least 17 years old, weighed at least 110 pounds, have no tattoos or piercings in the last 3 months, and be in general good health. All donors were also given a water bottle to drink before donating.  

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 “There is an acute shortage of blood that is needed.”  Stated Amanpreet Oberoi, the health manager of the Gannon Health Center 

 As much blood as possible was needed for this drive explained Oberoi. Blood collected at local drives like this are used to treat life-threatening diseases, such as cancer and sickle cells. The blood is also used for people who may have an acute amount of blood due to trauma.  

 ‘The impact is multifold, by meeting the community needs and meeting the Gannon Mission” stated Oberoi 

 Beyond the Chic-fil-A, a chance to donate and save lives around your community was offered to students. Students were also able to help achieve their moral goals and the true mission of Gannon by giving back to the community.  

 Since 2019, Pennsylvania has had a major concern for a blood donation shortage explained Meaning drives like this are essential for hospitals. All hospitals require a certain amount of stored blood in times of emergency trauma.  

There currently is no other scheduled blood drive for Gannon. However, the Community Blood Bank is located off Peach Street and is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for a chance to give back to the community and deeply embed yourself in the Gannon mission, then visit the Community Blood Bank Center.  

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