International Night hits Gannon campus this weekend


Quoc Huy Ngo, Feature Editor

Erie, Pa, March 21, 2023— On March 26, Gannon’s Yehl Ballroom will be packed with cultural performances, tasty food, and several activities as part of the International Night, an annual celebration of Gannon University.

The International Night has become a part of the Gannon tradition. This event is designated to offer both domestic and international students an enjoyable time to appreciate different cultures and to expand their horizons to the diversity of the community.

According to Saki Mizoroki, a junior advertising communication major and a member of the committee for the event, participants will have an exceptional opportunity to explore different cuisines from all over the world.

“The event will feature tasty dishes from over 15 countries,” said Mirozoki. “All the dishes are unique and reflect the cultural richness of their nation.”

Besides hearty dishes, there will be several recreational activities, along with musicals and dances performed by Gannon’s talented students and community members.

“This is an opportunity to travel the world right here on our campus and celebrate the cultural diversity of the community,” Mirozoki states.

The International Night will be a chance for people from different cultural backgrounds to come together and celebrate the cultural uniqueness of the Gannon community. Gannon’s Global Student Organization hopes the event will strengthen the connection among student body as well as Erie residents.

“We all hope that the event will generate positive impacts on our campus, especially Gannon students,” Mirozoki stressed on the mission of the event.

Gannon students can make reservations on Gannon EngageU without any entrance fee. Ticket is also available for non-Gannon students on, with $7 for children under 6 years old and $15 for adults.