Gannon students discuss the future of the Knight Club


Quoc Huy Ngo, Feature Editor

ERIE, Pa., March 14, 2023 – During the weekly meeting hosted by The Gannon Student Government Association (SGA), students have had a chance to voice up about the future of the Knight Club, an on-campus hangout spot.

So, what makes the Knight Club an important part of the Gannon community?

To some, what makes the Knight Club unique is the menu and its “greasy happy food.” The full menu features a wide range of delicious appetizers, sandwiches, wraps, burgers, and several refreshing beverages.

“The menu was great,” said Ranuki Onara Hettiarachchige, senior class representative of the SGA. “The food was the best since there are no other fast-food restaurants open within walking distance,” Hettiarachchige said, stressing the accessibility of the spot.

Besides the unmatchable menu, SGA’s members broadly discuss the role of this venue as an exclusive communal space for Gannon students. Accordingly, The Knight Club is the only place on campus where students can experience great food and recreational activities in a relaxed, safe, and non-academic after hours of heavy coursework.

“The Knight Club is unique by being open until late hours,” said Andrea Corado, an SGA member. “It is also an alternative for the cafeteria,” Corado said.

As a communal space, the closure of the Knight Club has impacted several student organizations. SGA members state that the accessible location and friendly vibe make this place an optimal option for on-campus events such as fundraisers or giveaway parties.

The Knight Club plays a crucial role in constructing a sense of community among the student body. Throughout the meeting, students agree on the positive impact of this spot in reinforcing and strengthening the Gannon community.

“It creates a sense of community by being the best hangout place on campus. We all know everyone goes there and you meet a lot of people and make more friends,” Corado said. “If you bump into your friends, they will introduce you to new people, which make Gannon a closer family.”

The Knight Club going under was a shocking news to Gannon students. While some believe this lovable hangout spot will soon reoperate, others think its future seems undetermined.

To Gannon students, the Knight Club has done something bigger than just being a gathering place: it has transferred college life into positive memories that will last a lifetime. The recent SGA meeting has encouraged positive improvements in the Knight Club experience.