English Honor’s Society, Sigma Tau Delta hosts an Open Mic Night


Charlize Harding, News Editor

Erie, Pa, February 2, 2023- Gannon Universities international English Honor’s Society, Sigma Tau Delta, is hosting an Open Mic Night.

This event takes place at the Deck, on the second floor of Waldron, from 7pm to 10pm.

For the first hour of the night, there will be an open mic, where participants can choose to share their jokes, poetry, music, or any form of writing they would like to share.

For the remainder of the night, there will be live music from the student band Psycho Hosebeast and from Gannon Universities English professor, Dr. Douglas King.

In addition to the open mic, and live music, there will be food provided.

Chapter president Lia Eberlein, said “Having this open mic and live music night is a great low-key way for people to come together to share their works without there being pressure for performance.”

“By having events like this, honors societies on campus like Sigma Tau Delta are not strict about academic performance. They bring together students and faculty of fields of study to have fun and to spread it across campus.”

If interested in participating, sign-ups are on EngageU, or simply stop by and get signed in. All are more than welcome to attend.

If interested in joining Sigma Tau Delta contact Lia Eberlein or Dr. King. [email protected] [email protected]