New learning opportunities sponsored by Gannon

Charlize Harding, News Editor

Erie, Pa, January 26, 2023— A Socratic Seminar is planned for January 25th and February 2nd, from 3 p.m. to 4:10 p.m., The Socratic Seminar helps students improve their class-based discussions — as well as helping students better understand academic texts on a deeper level.

Gannon University states that students will learn, “all steps of the Socratic Circle protocol through a mixture of direct instruction and active participation. How Socratic Circles can integrate into the sequence of reading, analysis and writing about the ideas in a text.”

As someone who has had an experience in a Socratic Seminar, they are truly beneficial and allow the students to have a conversation about articles, novels or “hot topics” without interjections from a higher authority.

Socratic Seminars allow students to speak freely about their thoughts, while being sure to maintain respect.

If interested, follow this provided link: Socratic seminar