Honors undergoes changes

Charlize Harding, News Editor

The Honors Program is an opportunity to be further engaged in the Gannon community and to build characteristics of leadership development through opportunities of service, global experiences, scholarships, and academic excellence.  

Honors students are often recognized for their hard work academically and in leadership.  

The program’s main goal is to help students be the best they can be while aiding in producing honorable citizens who will give back to the community.  

Students who are involved in the Honors Program can be recognized for research. They can also travel to national conferences and become on-campus leaders.  

Once the program is complete, students are honored at graduation.  

The Honors Program awards students for the journey they went on through their university education.  

Luke Bratton, a sophomore English, and philosophy major, has been involved with the Honors Program since starting at Gannon.  

“I believe the Honors Program is extremely useful to anyone’s academic career,” Bratton said. “Honors classes are created in a way that facilitates academic discussion and success. I would encourage everyone to at least meet with the director and/or honors members. I have met some of my good friends through the program, while also helping me to hone my career plans. The Honors Program is a wonderful place here at Gannon and I would encourage everyone to check it out in some capacity.” 

Applications to join the Honors Program can be found at http://honorsapplication.gannon.edu. Applicants should apply before the end of October to be admitted for spring 2023.  

For questions, students are encouraged to contact the program director, Daniel Salamone at [email protected] or [email protected]