Midterm elections cause confusion for college students


For many college students, this midterm election’s candidates’ platforms remain unclear. This makes it difficult for college voters to stay informed.

Molly Begeman, Features Editor

Pennsylvania in 2022 is a hotbed of political change.  With the midterm elections coming up, Pennsylvania could go either way politically, so it is more important than ever to vote.  

Many college students know it is important to vote but have little to no idea who is running.   

Politics and elections for many young voters can be intimidating.   

Learning each candidates’ platforms can be a daunting task and for many college students, something they don’t have time for.   

Having one location to find each candidates’ platforms is something many students said would be helpful in their activism.   

In this midterm election, there are three races to keep a close eye on – the Senate race, Governor and Lt. Governor. 

The Senate race has Republican candidate Mehmet Oz and Democratic candidate John Fetterman.   

Oz looks toward creating more affordable and accessible health care, stopping illegal immigration, opening more school choices for all Americans and revealing the truth behind how much pharmaceutical companies charge for prescriptions.   

Fetterman plans to create more jobs and goods in America, cut taxes of the working class, lower “out of pocket” health care costs and put an end to price gouging.   

Both Senate candidates stand firmly in their beliefs and their plans for if they are elected to office.  This election will also determine the legal rights women will have for the choices of their bodies. 

As for the race for Pennsylvania Governor, there is Democratic candidate Josh Shapiro with running mate for Lt. Governor Austin Davis and Republican candidate Doug Mastriano with running mate Carrie DelRosso.   

Shapiro and Davis are running on the basis of protecting a woman’s right to her own body, raising the minimum wage, investing in public safety, and providing more funds to schools so they can give more resources to students.  

As for Mastriano and DelRosso, they aim to fight for the second amendment and the citizens rights to bear arms, the right to life for the unborn, ensuring that Pennsylvania does not host illegal immigrants, and ensuring that school sports are fair on the basis of sex.  

Understanding the key elections happening, the candidates, and the platforms in which they are running on are important for any voter, but for college students especially.