Knights come out on top on homecoming weekend


Kira Rios, Sports Editor

On Oct. 1, the Gannon Knights took the field against Seton Hill for the annual homecoming football game.  

 Jhavoun Blake, a sophomore running back, said the season has been promising because of the work ethic and determination of the team, which has been reflected in how they have played.  

 The Knights have three wins and only one loss this season so far, making the homecoming game their fourth win with an outstanding score of 21-10. 

 “Sometimes great teams go through adversity and that’s just how you bounce back from that,” Blake said. “It defines who you are, and you have to take it into consideration every week and take care of the little details and make sure you’re perfect on the field and off the field.”  

 In the first quarter of the game, the Knights got a head start with a touchdown from a completed pass from Kory Curtis.  

 While the Knights had a strong defense in the first half, that didn’t stop Seton Hill from scoring. Midway through the quarter, Seton Hill scored a 21-yard field goal, making the score 7-3. To make matters worse, Curtis was hit and injured on a sack putting the Knights at a slight disadvantage.  

 After halftime, Seton Hill took advantage and came out on top with a touchdown, making the score 10-7.  

 Powering through his injury, Curtis completed a touchdown at the end of the third quarter with a drive covered in three minutes and 17 seconds, making it so the Knights were ahead with a score of 14-10.  

 The Knights played a strong defense, allowing them to keep ahead of Seton Hill and finish the fourth quarter with their third touchdown of the game. Curtis completed a nine-yard run after a collision in the backfield, ending the game with a win of 21-10.  

 The Gannon Knights are set to play Saturday at 2 p.m. at Edinboro.