‘Dahmer’ disrespects victims’ families


“Dahmer,” a wildly popular Netflix limited series, received criticism from serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims’ families.

Ali Smith, Arts and Leisure Editor

Netflix’s new limited series “Dahmer” is flooding social media threads. 

Based on the cannibalistic murders committed by Jefferey Dahmer from 1978 to 1991, the show relives the murders of his seventeen victims.  

Netflix originals usually never miss, but this series was a disgusting misstep by the platform. 

Not only is this series graphically accurate, showing Dahmer’s crimes in vivid and unnecessary detail, but it is also so gory that its near impossible to watch.  

I personally only made it through the first two episodes. That is all my stomach could handle.  

In the age of true crime junkies, myself included, I was excited for this series, as I had enjoyed the Ted Bundy film done by Netflix in 2019, “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.” 

This series, however, is inappropriate.  

What “Dahmer” does that most true crime adaptations do not is show the gruesome acts done by Dahmer.  

In the Bundy film, its focus follows the case and psychology of Bundy, only describing his crimes through newsreels and newspaper clippings until the end.  

The “Dahmer” series, though, retraumatizes the families, and the nation, over a heinous case which should have died with its perpetrator.  

His victims’ families are horrified this series has come to fruition, and they were not contacted for permission to share the graphic deaths of their loved ones.  

Just as the legal system overlooked Dahmer’s victims during his killing spree, Netflix is disregarding the respect the victims and their families deserve now. 

This is telling of their intent: making money.  

The memes made about the series and Dahmer are equally disturbing.  

These deaths are not a joke.  

Dahmer, played by American heartthrob Evan Peters, is sexualized in many of these gifs. Of the most disturbing includes a clip of Dahmer preparing to masturbate in the series, and fans taking this opportunity to tout how “hot” Peters is.  

Disgusting and disappointing are the only words I have for this kind of behavior.  

What I do not understand is how people can find enjoyment from watching a series about gory crimes that happened to real people.  

Do not get me wrong, I love bloody Halloween movies as much as the next, as Michael Myers is my favorite serial killer.  

The difference is movies like “Friday the 13th” and “Nightmare on Elm Street” are fictional.  

These crimes are real. And their portrayals are accurate.  

“Dahmer” should not be a series used to celebrate spooky season, and quite frankly it should be removed from the platform and Netflix should issue an apology to the family if they had morals.