Golden Leaders program offers leadership skills and resume building

Melissa Carlson, Staff Writer

The Golden Leaders program, which began last Friday, helps Gannon students learn about their leadership through five workshops offered each semester.  

The workshops teach individuals to be authentic, resilient, adaptable, aware and transformative. 

The first workshop, “Authentic Knights,” teaches students to lead themselves before they lead others. It includes topics like authentic leadership, personal missions, core values and strengths of leaders.  

The upcoming workshops “Resilient Knights,” “Adaptable Knights,” “Aware Knights” and “Transformative Knights” are on Oct. 7, Oct. 21, Nov. 11, and Dec. 2, respectively, and will cover more topics.  

The second workshop, “Resilient Knights,” prepares students to handle daily challenges and discusses resiliency, well-being, mindset, self-authorship and positive thinking.  

The third workshop, “Adaptable Knights,” covers how to adapt leadership styles to different situations and groups. It addresses communication, conflict, group dynamics and group facilitation.  

The fourth, “Aware Knights,” makes students aware of the differences in others.  It also aims to teach leaders to act respectfully. It covers mindfulness, perspective, empathy, personal identity and intercultural competence.  

The final workshop, “Transformative Knights,” teaches leaders to keep groups on task and working toward a goal. It includes the Social Change Model, social action leadership and goal and purpose setting.  

The workshops benefit students across majors.  

Leadership is everywhere. John F. Kennedy, “leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”  

The workshops are beneficial whether students attend one, multiple or all.  

Students can earn a digital badge which can be added to resumes, email signatures and in professional networking.  

If all five workshops are completed, students will be recognized as Golden Leaders.  

To learn more about this program, visit or contact Megan Loibl at [email protected]. 


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