Gannon celebrates 25 years of GIVE Day

Charlize Harding, News Editor

Saturday Gannon celebrated 25 years of GIVE Day, an annual event where student organizations give back to the community.  

Prior to the pep rally, there was a 7 a.m. Mass held at Mary, Seat of Wisdom Chapel. Mass concluded before the pep rally in the Highmark Event Center. Refreshments were served.  

Helayna Bradac, a junior nursing major, said the pep rally was beneficial before students broke off with their organizations.  

“The traditional ‘wave’ is the perfect way to end the rally — to excitingly send our students off to their work sites for the morning,” Bradac said. “The pep rally starts off with an explanation of GIVE Day and this year the celebration of 25 years of service Gannon was enduring and a prayer service.” 

Bradac is the vice president of Gannon’s nursing fraternity, Alpha Tau Delta (ATD). This organization worked with a nonprofit located on West 18th and State Street, where they removed litter, weeds and placed new mulch and trees.  

“I loved this year’s Give Day project for ATD,” Bradac said. “Personally, I have always had an interest in ways to maintain the environment. It was fun to maintain these selected trees that are so close to campus that I have driven past many times and never noticed before. Now, when I am in my car and driving past these sites, I will smile and remember the work my group put in to maintain these trees’ environments.” 

Emma Letky, a sophomore nursing major, attended Give Day with the service sorority Gamma Sigma Sigma.  

Gamma Sigma Sigma worked with HANDS Villa Maria. They helped move furniture, garden and landscape.  

Letky said GIVE Day is a good way to get involved with the Gannon and Erie communities.  

“It is a great way to meet new people and build new connections with a common interest of helping, assisting the community and making it a better place,” Letky said.  

Bradac also said GIVE Day is a beneficial opportunity to get involved with the surrounding community.  

“I think it is pretty special that Gannon has incorporated a tradition like GIVE Day to celebrate campus wide every year,” Bradac said. “Members of the Gannon family are able to travel across our community to do the simplest of chores just to take care of our everyday home in Erie. A little bit of kindness in life goes a long way, and to spread this kindness to others is something that should not be taken lightly in perspective. GIVE Day can help change the lives of our community, just by simply offering a lending hand.” 


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