New organization on Gannon’s campus focusing on voting

Molly Begeman, Staff Writer

With the midterm elections coming up, there is a governor and a senator seat opening up in Pennsylvania. 

This election is historically not as popular and known as the presidential election, but just as important.  

It is even more important that college students vote in these elections. 

These are the government officials that directly affect our education, our futures and us.  

So ensuring that college students turn out on Election Day is extremely important. 

To educate students at Gannon about this election, the importance, and how they can vote when Election Day comes, a new organization on campus called All In Gannon has emerged. 

This organization was introduced this semester, and it has been active, as group members have been tabling in Waldron, Palumbo and other spots around campus trying to spread their message. 

Nathan Manion, a senior political science major, serves as the campus coordinator and said the group’s purpose is a rather straightforward one. 

“All in Gannon is an organization that is trying to get students motivated and ready to vote in this year’s midterms,” he said. 

The group’s goals are to get students registered to vote and to ultimately go vote on Election Day. Members focus on registering students who are not already registered, helping students change their address to campus for easier access to voting, and getting students to talk about the issues that they care about. 

The need for this organization is best explained by Joshua Staley, a senior political science major who serves as voter outreach coordinator. 

“Our generation is severely underrepresented by our elected officials, so we want to see a government that not only looks like us, but fights for policies we believe in,” he said. 

The organization’s mission is to inform students about what is happening in the government around them and help get them involved, even just a little bit. 

All In Gannon hosts weekly meetings and other events outside of that. 

Staley said these events allow friends to come together and talk about issues that they are passionate about. 

“In the future, we see the group having more events, including guest speakers and current event discussions,” Staley added. 

“But we also host events called campus chats which are aimed at getting students talking about politics,” he said. 

Altogether this new organization is a great way for students who want to learn more about politics but do not really know where to start, or do not want to completely dive in headfirst. 

To learn more and potentially get involved, students can reach out to either Manion or Staley, or to their Instagram @allinpa_gu. 


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