Local Noodlefish exhibit immerses Erie’s culture

Annual interactive State Street art exhibit returns this fall to try and redefine what art looks like


Ali Smith, Arts & Leisure Editor

Erie is dedicated to creating and preserving culture as a city, and to making communities a happier, more colorful place to belong.

Gannon University is located within Erie’s art district, where beautiful murals can be spotted on the sides of buildings, and artistic projects are constantly in bloom.

A museum of artistic pieces can even be found inside the Center for Communication and the Arts on campus, and other works are hung on the walls of Nash Library, the Waldron Campus Center and the Palumbo Academic Center, among other locations.

Students are inspired to write poetry for Totem, express themselves in columns for The Gannon Knight, sing in musicals at the Schuster Theatre or create infographics and designs in digital media courses.

The Erie Art Museum is right outside of our doors, but what else is there to be involved in within the Erie art community?

The Erie Art Company has taken on a special project named Noodlefish.

The Erie Art Company has been on an eight-year journey to support and inspire art events aimed at giving local artists more exposure and modernizing ideas about what art can be.

By supporting events like the Noodlefish Art Exhibit within the Erie community, residents are giving the Erie Art Company more leverage to continue events like Noodlefish, and inviting more art projects and events to the city.

The Noodlefish Art Exhibit has been active this year since Sept. 11, and will continue Saturdays and Sundays until Oct. 24 from noon until 3 p.m., with an entry deadline of 2:30 p.m.

The exhibit is also available Fridays until Oct. 22 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and last call for entry is at 8:30 p.m.

Tickets are $3 for ages 10 through 17 and $5 for adults 18 and older.

The Noodlefish Art Exhibit consists of temporary fixtures located in the City Gallery, on the first floor of the PACA Arts Center, at 1505 State St.

Through the main entrance, the exhibit can be found up the ramp on the right of the building.

Visit concept rooms, experience immersive art exhibits and discern meaning from the abstract pieces at the Noodlefish Exhibit.

Tickets can be purchased at www.noodlefishprod.com.


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