How we can enhance the Homecoming experience

Michael Guido, Managing & Sports Editor

Saturday’s Homecoming football game was electrifying.

A packed McConnell Family Stadium saw the Knights curb stomp the Golden Eagles from Clarion by giving the home faithful a taste of Gannon’s greatest show on turf and a defense that forced thrilling turnovers that swung momentum.
In all the football games I’ve attended since my arrival at Gannon, I’ve never felt an atmosphere like the one I felt on that jubilant afternoon.
However, I couldn’t help but think how much more engaging and memorable the event could’ve been.
Most schools employ some entertainment throughout the games – prizes, raffles, a band or some other display of school unity.
Since being here, those have never been aspects of the Gannon sporting experience, and most definitely at football games.
While I am certainly aware that Gannon is not Penn State, Ohio State or Alabama, it would make for a memorable experience to see the gameday experience enhanced.
I know for many alumni and families who come in for the Homecoming weekend, the football game is the premier event everyone looks forward to.
It would be beneficial for Gannon to see that some elements that make college football so thrilling at other universities be incorporated here.
Maybe that is a band, or the return of the Homecoming court.
It could also be raffle and prize events held before and even during the game.
Maybe it’s some sort of halftime entertainment featuring not just the cheer and dance teams, but also fraternities and sororities, student clubs and organizations and perhaps alumni.
I myself am not a great event planner, and I don’t claim to know what would truly enhance the gameday and Homecoming experience.
But just from seeing the energy and roar of the crowd every time a big play occurred Saturday, I couldn’t help but wonder what else is possible.
Gannon’s motto is to believe in the possibilities, and so I ask that Gannon do just that for future games and events.


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