Fitness classes back in person RWC


Taking a break from classes, students and faculty participate in yoga fitness class led by Terry on Tuesday at the Recreation and Wellness Center.

Luca Hokaj, Staff Writer

Gannon University’s Recreation and Wellness Center recently opened up for the fall 2021 semester with some exciting changes.

Over the past year, the Recreation and Wellness Center has overcome many challenges to keep students active, safe, healthy and, most importantly, happy.

College students are faced with the accumulation of hours doing homework, studying and going to classes, and even personal everyday stress.

The Recreation and Wellness center is there to help students meet new people, try out new experiences, learn more about fitness and well-being and serve as an outlet to find peace and a break from the stress of being a college student.

One part of this effort is offering fitness classes.

Students and faculty who may not know a lot about working out or are maybe looking to learn something new can attend these classes free of charge.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, fitness classes at the RWC were held virtually through Live Instagram feeds and Zoom.

Chad Indorff, the RWC’s director, said that through Gannon’s national association – the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association — the RWC was also able to partner with other universities across the country in the Recreation Movement so that users could take virtual fitness classes through other NIRSA partners around the country.

Indorff said that he hopes to be able to offer this program again, but offering the classes in person again presents a great opportunity for staff and students to be able to participate more and ultimately improve their wellness.

Catering to students, the RWC offers cardio, strength and mind-body classes to students daily.

The fitness classes are open to all fitness levels and experience; thus, everyone will feel welcomed.

Inside cardio classes, students can find cycling, Zumba and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes.

To develop muscle, learn proper lifting form and learn strength workouts, the strength classes offer Body Pump, Body Sculpt, Power Hour, Strong Nation and Rock Bottom.

In the mind-body department you can find classes such as vigorous flow, or, as mentioned before, yoga.

Caonabo Camilo, a junior psychology major with a heavy course load, attended a yoga class at the Recreation and Wellness Center this semester and said he was a little nervous at first, given that he had never set foot in a yoga studio or had ever indulged in the activity.

“Luckily, all I had to do was walk into the room in which the class was being held, sign up and I was greeted by a welcoming atmosphere,” he said.

Inside the class, Camilo found other welcoming students, masks and a safe, closed setting.

“The instructor was extremely nice,” he said. “This class was so informative, extremely relaxed and laid-back, and I am willing to try out more classes the Recreation and Wellness Center has to offer.”

Camilo said that he had heard about the class through a friend but when digging deeper, found all information regarding fitness classes to be on the Gannon Recreation and Wellness Center Instagram page (@gannon.rwc).

“The class itself was just a really cool spot to hang out,” Camilo said, “I’m so excited to try more classes.”

Other changes at the Recreation and Wellness Center include the revival of intramural sports.

According to Indorff, there will be leagues in sand volleyball, soccer and flag football as well as smaller single and double elimination tournaments in badminton, table tennis, cornhole, Spikeball, Kan Jam, pickleball, NFL Pick’Ems and more.

Students interested in joining a team or participating in a tournament can register at

Sport clubs are also back to normal with tournaments and competitions already scheduled for the semester.

Air purifiers have been placed around the RWC in the locker rooms and fitness studios.

These purifiers are equipped with HEPA and activated carbon filters along with UVC light purification. Lastly, the cardio equipment has remained socially distanced.


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