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February 23, 2024

Indifferent editor encourages different approach.

Gannon University’s back-to-back basketball defeats at the hands of the evil Erie college – Mercyhurst –rubbed me as wrong as a jockstrap lathered in Icy Hot… and it wasn’t because of the scores.

Zack McDermott, sports editor

The choke-job by the men’s team and the women’s never-really-that-close defeat didn’t disappoint as much as the lack of student support.

More Mercyhurst students made the 31-block car ride than Gannon students made the one-block stroll.

If you give Gannoners a choice between Saturday afternoon repeats of Popeye the Sailor or cheering on the Knights against their rivals, don’t be surprised when Cartoon Network’s ratings skyrocket.

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I’m convinced that a national watching-paint-dry competition could get more student support than a Gannon basketball game – or any athletic event for that matter.

Trust me; I’m the least “rah-rah” person you’ll ever meet.  I possess the critical sports-writing gene: the inability to cheer.

When the Penguins won the Stanley Cup, I clapped – twice.

When the women’s basketball team went to the Final Four last year, I had the audacity to smile.

But even I’m shocked at the way students avoid the Hammermill Center like a politician shuns tough interviews.

There’s no reason for it.

First of all, Gannon games are free entertainment with a student ID.  It’ll give you an opportunity to use your real ID for once.

Who gives a hoot if the Knights will never dominate the conversation on ESPN or make an appearance in the Top 10, it doesn’t make them any less of teams.

In a city where Double-A baseball and D-League basketball are main topics of discussions, college sports – yes, even Division II teams – are given the big-time coverage usually reserved for their professional counterparts.

I’m not saying go all Everett Wensel on me. In fact, I strongly advise against it.

I am, however, suggesting that you make an effort to get to one – if not a few – Gannon games this semester.

A great time to start would be the Pink Zone game Saturday.  All money raised will go to the Erie Unit of the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Fund.

Not only will you be helping “save the boobies,” as some organizations say, you’ll be giving the Knights a true home-court advantage for the first time this entire season.

Your support might help Caitlyn Lowe hit that early-game back-breaking 3-pointer or give Travis Brannen enough adrenaline to get that extra inch when he jumps to block a shot.

In the end, these student-athletes give their time and effort so that they can wear your school’s name across their chest. The least – literally, the least – you can do is to show up and give them one round of applause.

Just like Popeye in those reruns you watched Saturday, that’s all I can stands, and I can’t stands no more.


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