Reflecting on changed plans over the past year

How the pandemic and other roadblocks have gotten in the way

Michael Guido, News Editor

As we approach the final sprint of the school year, reflections on this crazy COVID-19 year have begun to enter my mind and I’ve begun to start processing the true insanity that was the 2020-2021 academic year.
In a world dominated by a global pandemic, with little to no social life allowed, I had a lot of time on my hands to not only find myself, but gain a greater appreciation for where I am in my life.
Over the course of the year, I learned to not take things so seriously.
My freshman and sophomore years were plagued by stress, overworking myself and obsession over perfection.
Yet, for however this came to be a part of my psyche, I learned that it’s all right to breathe a little and not spend every waking moment worrying about a due date or what all is on the agenda list; of course, that’s not to say I don’t still have those tendencies, but they have significantly been scaled back in my own mind.
I also learned that life isn’t perfect and that roadblocks will emerge that are beyond your control; case in point would be COVID-19.
At this time a year ago, I thought I had it all figured out, I knew exactly how the next two years were going to play out and I even had certain milestones pre-scheduled to help me get there.
Well, I can say with complete honesty 95% of what I had planned a year ago didn’t materialize and as a result my plans for the immediate future have shifted dramatically. While that may have caused me great ire in the past, a long year of COVID-19 taught me that life happens and sometimes, the plan must change. Moral of the story: it’s OK, and just because the plan changes doesn’t mean the goal has to as well.
That’s a fact that I think of at least once a day.
Lastly, I’ve learned a great life lesson that has resonated with me throughout this past, dreadful year: resilience is key to everything.
In times of turmoil and shortcomings, it’s easy to throw in the towel and just give up, go home. However, resiliency is a real and powerful way of moving past the barriers life puts in your path.
Without some semblance of ability to overcome challenges, then you are unable to grow as a person and learn more about yourself.
The academic year itself was one full of ups and downs: a bout with COVID-19 derailed me for a brief period, but otherwise I maintained a heavy course load with a handful of extracurriculars that are of great joy to my life. I have to say despite living through a once-in-a-lifetime public health crisis, I enjoyed the good and bad that life threw my way.
As senior year approaches, all I can say is the future is looking bright. A summer of adventure and memories awaits, followed by a school year that (hopefully) will be devoid of COVID-19 and full of life; not to mention yet another year at The Gannon Knight to look forward to.
Overall, even with the mountain highs and the valley lows, this was a school year I, as well as many others, won’t soon forget.
Now with the dark clouds moving away, hope is on the horizon.



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