March may be the busiest month in Gannon sports history

Alex Pepke, Sports Editor

The month of March will be unlike any month we have ever seen before for Gannon University athletics.

Usually the term “March Madness” is reserved for the annual NCAA basketball tournament, but this year it may apply to Gannon as well.

When the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) announced the cancellation of the fall sports season, Gannon did everything in its power to make sure all the student-athletes and teams on campus would get a chance to compete this year.

Due to the athletic department’s efforts, each team will have that chance.

We have already seen many teams start their spring season. The traditional fall sports have put together whatever type of schedule they can, while the traditional spring sports are playing their “normal” PSAC seasons.

In the month of March, every single team on Gannon’s campus will have the opportunity to compete.

This includes every team from baseball, lacrosse and football to competitive cheer, assuming events don’t get canceled. They all have scheduled events during March.

I’m willing to bet that this has never happened in Gannon history. .

If you are a Gannon sports fan, this should be an entertaining month. According to the Gannon athletics website, there is at least one event scheduled on all but seven days in March.

You will get to see the football team participate in a shortened four-game season, the softball team play around 40 games and everything in between.

While COVID-19 put a stop to sports in the fall, we will now be hit with a tidal wave of competition.

While I think we can all agree that many things are more important than sports, it is worth noting that playing and watching sports is an escape for a lot of people, including these student-athletes.

COVID-19 has taken a toll on everyone in different ways, but this crazy month of March can hopefully give us a sense of normalcy again, even if it is only for two hours on a Saturday afternoon.

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