Gannon sports are finally back

Alex Pepke, Sports Editor

Things aren’t back to normal yet, but we’re getting closer. Every single day more and more people are getting the COVID-19 vaccine, which hopefully means there will be a sense of normalcy in the country soon.

For the Gannon University community, this sense of normalcy includes the return of sports to our campus.

For the Gannon student-athletes, I’m sure it can’t be overstated how excited they are for some games to get underway. Already a handful of teams have begun competing, including the men’s and women’s basketball, swimming, wrestling and men’s water polo teams.

These student-athletes spend so much time and effort practicing, so giving them a chance to play some sort of schedule this semester is probably a welcome sight for them, even if it is a more condensed version of the schedule than they’re accustomed to.

Since most of the fall and winter sports won’t be participating in Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference play this semester, they may be competing against teams that they normally wouldn’t, which could make for some exciting matchups. It could also mean that the teams try to limit travel, so we could potentially see a lot of Mercyhurst and Edinboro this semester (thumbs-up for rivalry games).

Currently, no fans are allowed at any home events, which stinks, but baby steps, I guess.

Most of the Gannon events are livestreamed by the Gannon athletic department, so if you do miss watching your roommate, girlfriend, son or cousin compete, it will most likely be available to stream for you.

For the Gannon sports enthusiasts, let’s appreciate what we have for now, and hope for more action soon.

For Gannon student-athletes and coaches, I think I can speak for many folks when I say it is good to see you compete again.

For everyone else, even if you don’t care about sports — which means you probably wouldn’t be reading this — let’s get through the back end of this pandemic so we can all go back to our “normal” lives. 


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