World Series ends with COVID controversy

Alex Pepke, Sports Editor

The Los Angeles Dodgers just won their first World Series since 1988, back when Kirk Gibson was hitting walk-off homers on one leg.

But amid the celebration, another story was developing, one that has stirred up some controversy.

Justin Turner, the Dodgers third basemen, was pulled from the deciding game when the team became aware that he tested positive for COVID-19.

But during the Dodgers postgame celebration, he was back on the field. He posed for a picture next to his manager Dave Roberts, a Hodgkin lymphoma survivor, without a mask on.

According to reports, Turner just walked back onto the field. Nobody stopped him or seemed too worried about him being out there, including Roberts.

The MLB was very successful during this year’s playoffs. They operated in a “modified bubble,” while having fans in the stadium. I liked having fans there. The players weren’t in contact with them and would be safe as long as they followed the rules.

Until Turner, no other MLB players tested positive during the playoffs.

I understand Turner’s desire to celebrate with his teammates. Anyone who has ever played sports understands what winning a championship means.

But Turner’s actions were completely and inexcusably irresponsible.

He knows what he was doing. I know he was in the locker room with his teammates all day and during the days prior, and that his teammates were already potentially exposed to him.

But what about the families of the team? Players’ families, who were not already exposed to Turner, were on the field.

It’s a shame that Turner decided to go on the field and that this story is going to cast a cloud over the Dodgers’ accomplishment.

While some seem to think it’s not a big deal, that Turner’s prior exposure to his teammates justifies him going back out there to celebrate, they are mistaken.

Like I said, his desire to go out there is understandable, but he knows better. He made that decision, and he was flat-out wrong.



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