Artist of the Week: Kanye West still making headlines

Ali Smith, roundtable editor

With the election quickly approaching, I think one of the most relevant artists to discuss is Kanye West, as he announced in July he was running for president to beat out the incumbent President Donald J. Trump.
After a lifetime of fame and fortune, what would possess West run for president?
West claims that in 2015, God urged him to run for president in 2020.
God has played a huge factor in West’s career, beginning with a few songs, blossoming into an album, then into Sunday church services and now presidency.
West opened up about his journey with God, as well as his journey toward the presidency, Oct. 24 on an episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast “Joe Rogan Experience”
“When I first thought of it, I just started laughing to myself and all this joy came over my body, through my soul,” said West on the podcast episode. “I felt that energy. I felt that spirit.”
This isn’t the first time West has been motivated by the inner energy and spirit sent to him by God.
He was also inspired to run for president by Trump’s victory in 2016, claiming that when he saw someone who comes from a nonpolitical background win, he believed he could too.
One of the major aspects of American culture that West advocates against in his campaign is abortion, as he shared he had an emotional experience with his wife, Kim Kardashian West, during his first rally in South Carolina.
This emotional outburst in July prompted the world and his wife to open up about his mental illness, bipolar disorder, which influences his major highs and could have resulted in his stride toward a presidential campaign.
As difficult as mental illness can be, West has found the light in the darkness of his episodes.
Clearly, some of his greatest music and movements have been inspired by his experiences with bipolar disorder, which is an important example to be set in the modern day, especially with mental illness on the rise.
Although West’s musical attributions can not be ignored, as he is a hip-hop legend, his philanthropic campaign and openness about mental illness is admirable and worth noting.
West may not win the presidency, although he has been included on California’s ballot as vice president; however, his impact on the 2020 election will not be forgotten by the political or musical community and especially not by fans.