MLB playoffs

Alex Pepke, Sports Editor

The MLB playoffs are upon us. Starting this week, the American League and National League wild card series’ will kick off postseason play.
It hasn’t been a normal regular season, and it won’t be a normal postseason either.
The regular season was only 60 games instead of the usual 162 due to COVID-19. Instead of the normal 10 teams making playoffs, there will be 16 teams this year.
Personally, I like this change for the MLB.
It makes it much more interesting and keeps more teams in the hunt late in the season. It also gives fans a little more variety.
We’ve grown accustomed to seeing the Yankees, Dodgers and Astros in the playoffs. Seeing teams like the White Sox, Marlins and Reds play baseball in October makes things more fun and less predictable.
While there’s a chance we may see an expanded playoff format like this in future years, the regular season format will go back to 162 games, even though I think the MLB should consider altering that too.
One hundred sixty-two games are a lot.
This 60-game season brought more excitement to each individual game. Each game meant more. More teams got to play meaningful baseball into September.
I think the MLB would be better off using a 130-140 game regular season schedule moving forward.
As far as the rest of this season goes, it will be interesting. With more variety in the field, more things can happen, and I think there will be some surprises.
With that being said, I still think that a large-market, World Series favorite will win it all.
I think the NLCS will feature the Dodgers and Cubs, with the Dodgers advancing.
The ALCS will see the Yankees face the White Sox, and New York will be back in the World Series.
The Dodgers will be crowned as the champions. They are a better overall team than the Yankees, and the best team in general.
It will finally be their time to hoist the trophy.
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