New changes to Waldron entrances and traffic flow

Chloe Forbes, Editor-in-Chief

As Gannon University prepares for incoming students, there are new changes to Waldron Campus Center. To align with COVID-19 guidelines, Waldron will feature one-way traffic to help with capacity levels.

There will be three entrances to Waldron: The west doors near the Wright Room, the Sixth Street doors and the east doors between the Hammermill Center and Old Main. Traffic will flow toward Doc’s Landing and the temperature check points. All exits will remain the same.

Map of traffic flow in Waldron Campus Center.

There will also be adjusted seating throughout the building. Social-distancing requirements will result in reduced seating in the Beyer Cafeteria. To help in that regard, the 219 Suite in Waldron and the second-floor game room will be used as overflow for students with to-go meals from the cafeteria, and the Yehl Ballroom will have a meal plan buffet during lunch and dinner hours.

Students with the new all-access meal plans are able to enter the cafeteria an unlimited amount of times from 7:15 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Sunday-Saturday, as previously planned, whereas other students with still be limited to the Metz Dining hours (

Meetings can be held in the Yehl Ballroom and the 219 Suite. The suite can be split up into two separate meeting spaces if needed, but it is expected that students and faculty will continue to utilize online platforms such as Zoom when possible.

Each space has a limited COVID-19 capacity that helps maintain a six-foot distance between individuals. Those capacities are listed below.

Suite 219: depending on set-up, ranges from eight people to 32 people

Wright Room: 10 people

Yehl Ballroom: depending on set-up, ranges from 43 people to 64 people

The Knight Club: depending on set-up, ranges from nine people to 14 people

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