Gannon announces $2 million partnership with Erie Insurance


A mock up drawing of the Idea Lab to be built in the new I-HACK center.

Gannon University announced on Tuesday, July 21, that it will partner with Erie Insurance to support the continued construction of the Institute for Health and Cyber Knowledge (I-HACK).

Erie Insurance pledged $1 million specifically toward the building’s third level, known as The Hatchery. Within The Hatchery will be the Extreme Academy & Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Lab, the Gannon Design Studios and the Erie Insurance Idea Lab.

Erie Insurance gifted another $1 million for the Idea Lab, which will be a place where students and Erie Insurance employees will meet and work on projects to continue the economic revitalization of Erie’s community. The Idea Lab will be a space for innovative ideas to come to fruition in hopes of making meaningful change in the Erie area.

Gannon students will receive hands-on experience, collaborating with Gannon faculty, Erie Insurance employees and other future corporate and research partners that will establish a base of industry and research experience needed to enter the workforce.

Gannon expects to offer courses in fall 2021 upon the completion of the I-HACK building, but in the meantime is seeking additional partners to contribute to the vision of restoring Erie’s economy. The university has estimated renovation costs for the I-HACK building at $28 million.

Gannon President Keith Taylor, Ph.D., said the university was proud to have Erie Insurance working as a partner in helping to rebuild downtown Erie.

“This is a company that has done so much for this city and for our institution,” Taylor said in a university press release. “Today’s announcement is just one more way we are linked together in defining Erie’s history and our future.”

Tim NeCastro, Erie Insurance’s president and CEO, said The Hatchery will “be the birthplace of big and bold ideas and a place where resources and meaningful connections come together to turn ideas into reality.”

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