Student compiles art gallery at Nash Library


Gensheimer, Mary C

In the School of Communication and Arts, there is almost always a new and exciting project going on, whether it be a new edition of The Gannon Knight or even a new performance taking place at the Schuster Theatre.
This time around the SCA introduces the new Nash Library Art Collection catalog.
An art catalog is “a place where all of the art in the library (as of fall 2019) is listed along with a small bio about the artist and the history of the piece,” said Nikki Johnson, a senior communication, advertising and public relations major.
Inside the catalog is a picture and description of each piece of art in the Nash Library, located on 619 Sassafras St.
Johnson created the catalog by herself last semester. When asked why she chose to do it, Johnson said she actually did not intend on creating the project.
“I was doing a graphics internship with the School of Communication and MC [Gensheimer] gave me the project to complete,” Johnson said.
“It took me a couple weeks to complete just because so much went into it. I had to pull in a lot of what I’ve learned at the school to create it: photography, Photoshop, research, writing and the ability to make layouts look appealing.”
Johnson served as an intern to MC Gensheimer, the co-chair of the School of Communication and the Arts.
Gensheimer and Lori Steadman, director of the Schuster Gallery, were put in charge of locating and purchasing art for the library while it was under construction.
“The notion was that the library could be a repository for good quality regional art,” Genshiemer said.
“We were given the charge to go find regional art that would be suitable.”
One of the pieces located on the second floor was created by Robert H. Morosky, a 1963 Gannon graduate. Morosky and his wife have donated to both scholarships and to the creation of the Morosky Academic Center. The piece is oil on canvas titled “Mary.”
Another piece in the catalog was created by Lee Steadman, an adjunct lecturer in the Fine Arts program. Steadman contributed to the library with his watercolor piece, “Diverging Roads.” However, the unofficial title for the piece is “The Fork in the Road.”
“The placement of this painting in the main hall was to suggest that the Nash Library is the crossroads of the Gannon Campus,” Johnson wrote in the catalog.
Steadman picked this piece for the library to represent the many decisions students have to make throughout their college careers. His piece is located on the first floor.
“It’s wild to think about but there are so many pieces of art around the library, and no one usually notices them as they just blend in now,” Johsnson said.
“There are some really cool pieces, though.”
To see all the art pieces, stop by Nash Library and take a look around.

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