African Student Organization to host second annual fashion show


Take a journey to Africa with Uzuri wa Africa, the second annual fashion show hosted by the African Student Organization. The show will be 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. Saturday in the Yehl Ballroom, and will include presentations of African art, cultural cuisine and colorful fashion choices.
The outfits are mostly produced by professional fashion designers who drew from the countries of Ghana and Nigeria. Sydney Oyatta, president of the African Student Organization (ASO), said that although there are actual fashion outfits, students will be participating as well.
“Student will also get a chance to model their own clothes from their respective countries such as Liberia, Uganda, Burundi and Senegal,” Oyatta said.
Oyatta also said students can expect to see a vibrant fashion show along with musical performances from ASO Adviser Parris Baker, Ph.D. and dancing from members of ASO.
African cuisine will be represented as well with 13 different dishes, including Pliau, Matoke, Jollof rice and Mandazi. “The purpose of the show is to spread the beauty of Africa not only at Gannon but also the local community, and to show the good side of Africa that is often ignored,” Oyatta said.
Oyatta also hosts a show on 90.5 WERG called Uzuri wa Africa that similarly works to raise more cultural awareness and break stereotypes surrounding African lifestyle.
Uzuri wa Africa translates to “the beauty of Africa.” These events are integral to ASO because as its mission statement says, “Anyone who is intrigued by lively debate, art shows, cultural shows and African cuisine, would find a welcoming home at ASO.
“The African Students’ Organization at Gannon is a student organization dedicated to nourishing cultural, intellectual, political and economic awareness about the African continent. We are the Gannon community for students from Africa, connected to Africa, or interested in Africa.”

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