Gannon’s ESL program receives accreditation


Gannon University’s English as a Second Language Program assists international students who do not know English as their primary language. Coming to Gannon, students are required to know English for specific programs.
After taking an assessment that determines their standing on English, they are put into the necessary courses to help them learn more. Throughout the program, a student moves up at different levels based on their performance.
“The Commission on English Language Program Accreditation was chosen by Gannon for the intensive programs and the rigor for the accreditation process,” said ESL Coordinator Margo Wolfe, Ph.D.
Accreditation for these programs is voluntary but a long process. Documentation and examination are required to ensure the program’s quality and to gain professional validation.
College courses that undergo accreditation do so to prove that their program meets the strictest of education standards. Accreditation is a lengthy review process in which a board reviews the program and its ability to provide superior education to students in need.
Thomas Hasset, associate vice president of Global Enrollment, started the accreditation process. Mariana Syrotaik, director of English language and global training took over the process.
Recently, Gannon received accreditation for its program.
“The five-year initial accreditation is an excellent achievement,” Wolfe said. “That means the next time we have to go through another rigorous self-study process is in five years. It is the trust that for five years, we will continue to run the program at the high standards that were reported in the self-study and observed by the CEA evaluators.”
Gannon’s involvement in the accredited programs is meant to continue delivering quality assurance to the students, with the hopes that future students benefit as well.
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