Gannon celebrates past with Flashback to Antlers


The Gannon University Alumni Association is holding a “Flashback to Antlers Pub” for Homecoming weekend. Formerly Antlers Pub, the event will be held in The Knight Club.
The event will start at 8 p.m. where students and alumni can go to reminisce on the times that Antlers was an integral part of college life. Although The Knight Club does not usually serve alcohol, there will be a beer garden outside hosted by Tap House for anyone 21 years old and up.
All students are encouraged to join in on the festivities though. The club will be decked out with décor from the ‘60s and ‘70s to celebrate those who graduated 50 years ago.
Tami Faram, director of Alumni Services, said Antlers was a very popular venue for Gannon students.
“Antlers was the place to go,” Faram said. “I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.”
Current students usually have to go off campus to find a bar, but this weekend they will be able to go somewhere familiar. Alumni can also feel welcomed as the building is transformed into a part of their history.
“It brings the past and present together in one big event,” Faram said.
Michael Stepic, a 2004 Gannon graduate, remembers Antlers fondly.
“It was a meetup spot for my friends and I,” Stepic said. “It was just a familiar site on campus that was comfortable.”
Stepic also said that his favorite thing about Antlers was the community setting that it gave students.
Faram hopes that this event will bring back that feeling of community as both old and young are able to connect over this significant part of Gannon history.
Antlers has been a part of Gannon history since 1938 when Jerry Emling founded it, but it was transformed into The Knight Club when Gannon purchased it in 2010.
The Knight Club is an alcohol-free “bar” that offers food and a place to gather with friends. There are games, live entertainment and classic bar food like chicken wings and pizza.
Faram said that even as the Knight Club, the venue has continued its tradition of community, being a place where all students, even out-of-town friends, can find themselves at home.
“Flashback to Antlers” is part of a whole bunch of events for alumni and students alike, including the opening of “Almost, Maine” at Schuster Theatre, a tailgate celebration at the Recreation Center, a family cookout, a 5k and more.
Students can register their family starting at noon Thursday in the Waldron Campus Center’s Wright Room.

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