Students benefit from Recreation and Wellness Center

Virtually every day, you see or hear a message about keeping fit on television, in the newspapers, on radio or on social media platforms.
Physical wellness is highly important, as it optimizes the health of our body systems by adopting positive lifestyle habits. One of the main ways to maintain physical wellness is by exercising.
Exercising regularly helps to improve your health and reduce the risk of developing several diseases like Type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.
Gannon University is helping to push the idea of keeping fit through its Recreation and Wellness Center (RWC) by providing facilities and equipment such as elliptical machines, various weight lifting machines, treadmills, bikes, fitness rooms, a pool, a field house and group fitness classes that are offered every week.
The RWC is opened on the weekends from 8 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. and on weekdays from 6 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. – that’s 17.5 hours on weekdays!
Some students and staff members were approached and asked if they use the RWC and how often they use it, as well as what can motivate them or their friends to use the RWC more often?
Khalil Hawkins, a junior industrial engineering major, said, “I use the RWC as often as five days a week. I am a member of the wrestling team. I would like to suggest the RWC should introduce aerobics sessions in the pool. It is fun and might work in attracting more students and staff to the RWC.”
Bashayr Alturkestai, a senior biomedical engineering major, said, “I have never used the RWC and I don’t find time to exercise but I understand that exercising regularly is important. I will use the RWC if there are separate rooms for men and women to work out. This has to do with my culture and religion.”
The Rev. T. Shane Matthew, a professor in the theology department, said, “I don’t do a very good job including exercise in my life.
“The RWC has great facilities and it is very useful. I got my first degree at Gannon University about two decades ago and the RWC is much better than it used to be. A lot of renovations have been done. I do not use the RWC. It is a personal thing and has nothing to do with what the RWC has to offer. I do not engage in any form of exercise but I count my steps daily and set targets.”
There are lots of ways to encourage yourself to exercise and one way is to make exercising fun. Bringing your friends along even makes it better.
This way, you get to boost not only your physical wellness but also your social wellness, which is the ability to interact with others. You can visit the pool with your friends or participate in exercises that require teamwork.
If your schedule is tight and you are unable to find time to visit the gym, there are little ways you can exercise while at work. Instead of using the elevator, why not take the stairs?
There are ways to creatively use your desk or chair to do strengthening exercises, such as pushups or triceps dips.
There is a popular belief that only those who are trying to lose weight or build muscle visit the gym, but this is not true. Exercising is important for everyone and is necessary to be fit and decrease the risk of diseases.
Gannon University Wellness is ready to help students, faculty and staff maintain a healthy lifestyle on their wellness journey.



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