SGA to host first student town hall of fall


Michael Guido, Staff Writer

Gannon’s Student Government Association (SGA) will be hosting the first student town hall of the academic year at 6 p.m. Thursday in the Yehl Ballroom.
The event will run for about two hours and will allow students in attendance to share their thoughts and feelings on the university – what they like and don’t like, what they feel could be changed and more.
President Keith Taylor, Ph.D., will be in attendance and available to take questions about anything school-related.
SGA began holding a student town hall last spring for students to voice their thoughts and opinions. SGA will continue to have them throughout this year.
These events will occur twice a semester, offering students multiple occasions to chime in and let their voice be heard on the issues that matter the most to them.
Ryan Young, SGA vice president of Student Engagement, said that the town halls were made a regular occurrence so that students would “have the opportunity to come together to share ideas and discuss what is on their mind with President Taylor.”
He also said that SGA thinks it is “very important for the undergraduate student body to have open communication with the university.”
Young also stressed the importance that students take advantage of these events.
He continued to say this “connectedness can be promoted between the undergraduate student body and the university.”

First-year student Anthony DiFonzo said he likes the option of having a student town hall.
“I think the idea of these town halls is a good thing,” DiFonzo said.
“It’ll give the students a chance to speak their mind and bring up some ideas and concerns they’ve had for a while, as well as allow the student body to feel closer, to feel like a community that is striving for the same greater good.”
DiFonzo said he may attend the town hall and said he wouldn’t mind sharing his thoughts and hearing what others are thinking.
Fellow first-year student Leah Frank voiced a similar attitude.
“I think this is a great way for students to voice their opinions and concerns that they have to SGA.”
Ryan Duckett also said he thinks the town halls are great.
“It allows anyone to come and express their thoughts and feelings on different subjects at the time,” Duckett said.
“If I was able to go or had a subject I wanted to talk about, then I would go; it seems pretty beneficial for the reasons mentioned already.”
For any students who can’t attend but wish to know what is discussed at the town hall, an article will be published in next week’s edition that will recap the event and key moments, issues and points.

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