Incorporate areas of wellness over summer


The end of the semester is coming much faster than many students, faculty and staff think. The end of a semester means relaxing and not worrying about the workload of school, but it also makes more time available in the schedule to work out and get outside.
With the weather heating up in the months to come, Presque Isle will be opening for more activities and gives an opportunity to get out on the lake for swimming, playing on the beach or even going for a walk or jog.
The Gannon University Recreation and Wellness Center (RWC) will still be open during the summertime. The operating hours are from 6 a.m. until 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Saturday and 2 p.m. until 4 p.m Sunday.
For those students who may be returning to a warmer climate than Erie, it is an opportunity to get out in the sunshine and enjoy time with family and friends. But getting out and exercising is not the only way to fulfill Good for U’s initiative to get everyone aware of their personal wellness.
The seven areas of wellness that all faculty, staff and students are encouraged to work on throughout their life are environmental, intellectual, social, spiritual, physical, emotional and occupational wellness.
These can be achieved throughout time spent at Gannon but can also transfer into everyday life over the summer.
Running along a beach is not the only option. Try being more environmentally conscious and tend to a garden in the backyard, pick up trash on a walk or even just try to recycle more. Even turning off unnecessary lights is a great way to stay more environmentally friendly throughout the summer.
Intellectual wellness can be tended to over the summer, too; not just in a classroom. Try reading a book or challenge yourself to learn one new fact every day with brain quiz cellphone apps. Even summer internships are available not only to grow in intellectual wellness but also occupational wellness by developing a support network of people.
Social wellness can flourish in the summertime by saying “Hi” to old friends or catching up with relatives at family barbeques. Attend a summer program or camp, which can also be supportive of spiritual wellness by allowing an opportunity to connect with nature and with God.
Spending time with family can really build the emotional wellness factor. Talking, listening or just doing something with a sibling or parent can really grow and form a stronger bond.
Summer is a time for growing in the wellness path that has started here at Gannon, and new things learned over summer break can be carried into next semester and contribute to having the best semester yet.

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