Adriana Molnar: Vice President of Student Development & Engagement

Compiled by KATE ROBB

copy editor

Why are you running for VP of Student Development and Engagement?
I’m running for VP of Student Engagement because I feel that it’s the position that best suits me. I’m very interested in looking into ways that we can bring more people to Gannon’s campus and retain people here.
I’m interested in seeing what makes Gannon feel like home for people, why they love it here so much because there’s definitely a unique atmosphere about our campus, especially being a smaller school and knowing a lot of people.
I’m very active, very involved, so I like seeing why other people like being involved and what they like to do.

What are your goals if you were elected as the VP of Student Development and Engagement?
My goal is to get a perspective from all the different clubs and organizations on campus and see what their needs are.
I’m interested in looking at creating a student section for basketball games and making the student section better for football games as well, potentially moving it to the center of the field and not off to the side.
I’m also interested in looking at the fine arts here to see if there’s anything we can do to increase the amount of opportunities students have for fine arts credits and music credits.

What have you accomplished during your time on campus/in SGA?
On SGA, I was elected not only freshman representative but freshman chair so I run the freshman class… my peers decided on me as the leader of the freshman class so I technically run a committee already, which is the freshman representatives.
I was given the award in November for the Representative of the Month for SGA after only a couple months being in the organization which is pretty cool.
I was appointed to Family Chair for APB and I’ve worked on several projects. I’ve planned Little Siblings Weekend, that was pretty successful.
I’m also Vice President of CRS Student Ambassadors, which I love.

Why should the students vote for you?
I honestly feel like people should vote for me because I’m so passionate about this position. I knew that there were other people running for this position, and I didn’t feel it was worth running for anything but this position so I was willing to take that risk because I just feel so passionately about this position and want to make a difference in this area.
I love this school so much and I want to show other people why I love this school and hopefully make them feel the same way.
I have a unique opportunity being on the executive board for APB because that position is very much connected to the position I am running for because APB and SGA are two of the biggest organizations on campus so having that chain of connection definitely helps if I were to be elected to that position.

Why do you think there aren’t many people running for the SGA board this year?
I think for president and chief of staff, we just know that Kendra Walker and Mackenzie Wenrick are such strong leaders and those positions suit them so well and I think that they’re some of the best out there. I’ve had an amazing experience and they’ve made me grow as a leader in my first semester of college and so looking at the top tier, I think that’s why no one has run against them. I’m not sure about the other positions. It is kind of a rebuilding year for SGA to my understanding, but we’re doing pretty well and we have a pretty strong executive board considering everything that the organization has gone through in the past year. And so I think we are just rebuilding and trying to keep the organization strong.
Is there anything you’d like students to know about you?
I love music. I love Vine. And I love “The Office.”