Vice President of Finance


John Tyler “JT” Koch
finance, management and entrepreneurship

Why are you running for Vice President of Finance?
I am running for the VP of Finance because I want to continue to help my fellow students through the governing body of SGA and I feel that my background in finance and accounting provided by the Dahlkemper School of Business, paired with my people skills, will help continue to better the budgeting process.

What are your goals if you were elected as the Vice President of Finance?
My goal if elected is to place more accountability on the clubs and organizations that come for funding so that they can develop more in their organizational position. In addition, one of my goals is to factor in the university reorganization to create a budget that fits Gannon’s vision for the 2018-2019 school year.

What have you accomplished during your time on campus/in SGA?
During my time in SGA, I accomplished exponential growth of the social media accounts, growth of MidKnight Madness and bettering the relationship with the athletic department to help with turnout at Gannon sporting events. In addition, with the 2016-2017 Budget and Finance Committee, I was able to assist in a successful year of funding.

Why should the students vote for you?
Students should vote for me because I have the skill set to continue to improve and be successful in the position.

Why do you think there aren’t many people running for the SGA board this year?
I think it started with the lack of a challenger for the presidential and chief of staff positions. Without the conversation and the hype around the first part of elections, it didn’t provide the atmosphere that allowed people to begin to question whether or not they can see themselves in executive board.
Another part, I believe people have the idea that you need to have been part of SGA in some capacity to run for a position — you don’t. The elections are open to all students to be a part of and its highly encouraged as it brings a new set of ideas and mindsets to the table to improve our presence on campus.

Is there anything you’d like them to know about you?
This will be my third year serving in SGA.