Wellness and Recreation Center prepares for Wellness Fair


Good for U, Gannon University’s initiative to promote wellness throughout the campus community, invites students, faculty, staff and community members to talk about all aspects of wellness and understand how it fits into your everyday life.
Gannon’s Recreation and Wellness Center (RWC) will be hosting its 14th Annual Wellness Fair on Monday, Feb. 6.
The Wellness Fair is the largest event that the Recreation and Wellness Center puts on every year to get more individuals on campus and in the community aware of all the aspects of wellness and how it interacts with the things you do every day.
This year, you are invited to learn just how much “Wellness Rocks” and see how Good for U and the Recreation and Wellness Center do not only promote physical wellness, but also environmental, intellectual, social, spiritual, emotional and occupational wellness. The event promotes the practices of all these aspects and encourages students to be conscious of them. By attending the event, you are cultivating your social wellness by seeing people you already know and interacting with new people.
Ashley Faulkner, who works in wellness marketing and special programs at the Recreation and Wellness Center, is excited about the event. “The best part about the Wellness Fair is its ability to bring the idea of wellness to life,” she said.
“Our Gannon family really gets a chance to understand what wellness means as they take personal inventory of what resources are good for them.
The unity of Gannon University and the Erie community have a full day to change a life.
That is a special gift the Wellness Department can give back to our Gannon family.”
Throughout the year, Gannon’s Good for U initiative has been promoting all aspects of one’s individual wellness journey and has hosted sponsored opportunities to nurture each of the dimensions of wellness.
Stopping into the Wellness Fair can enable participants to find out what wellness aspects they are already practicing and which aspects need help. The Wellness Fair might have some answers to help Gannon community members thrive.
At the Wellness Fair, the Recreation and Wellness Center includes many of the things seen around campus, such as student organizations, community vendors and other activities to keep people engaged.
At Gannon, wellness is a priority, and the RWC staff members attempt to reach out and promote all aspects of the Good for U initiative to students. In addition, the RWC attempts to get Gannon staff and faculty engaged and excited about opportunities to further their own wellness journeys.
To make sure that every person on campus and in the community can participate, there are going to be two waves of the Wellness Fair: Wellness at Work, which is running from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m., and Happy Hour, which is running from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. But all are encouraged to stop by the Recreation and Wellness Center for more than just this event. It offers a number of free classes to students, faculty and staff, open swim hours and a multitude of intermural and club sports.
So, visit the Recreation and Wellness Center on Monday, Feb. 6, for free food, amazing prizes, great vendors and activities.

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