Writer reflects on The Lumineers’ most recent album


staff writer

Though almost two years old, The Lumineers’ album “Cleopatra” still resides on top charts around the world and frequently dominates the radio.
In 2016, the year of its release, “Cleopatra” reached the No. 1 spot on the U.S. Billboard 200. At this time last year, the album’s self-titled track attained No. 1 status on the WERG charts.
Describing their own sound as “timeless,” The Lumineers took four years between their first album and this one.
During their time writing, they switched from acoustic to completely electric, creating even more athematic songs.
Though The Lumineers altered their sound, their signature writing style is still present.
Easy to sing along to, most songs on the album are recognizably “The Lumineers,” thanks to their one-of-a-kind folk and indie mixed style.
As always, the band writes about very unconventional topics, many about admiring a strong woman or random stories of the band.
“Cleopatra” makes a historical reference to the famous queen of ancient Egypt and her secret love with Mark Antony.
The line “When I die alone, I’ll be on time,” is talking about the couple’s suicide in which they chose their time and fate as Rome was attacking Egypt.
Like many bands, The Lumineers address fame, but do so metaphorically. For example, “Ophelia” speaks about people falling in love with fame and the dangers behind it.
“The flood” that is spoken of is the intense fame the band reached upon releasing their hit song “Ho Hey.”
Also notable is the topic of running away. In “Angela,” a girl flees due to fear of commitment but returns for those she loves.
“Sleep on the Floor” tells the band’s story in their effort to “seize the day” and their previous dream of running away from their hometowns where nothing happens to make something of themselves in a big city.
The Lumineers finished touring this album last year, but now we as fans wait patiently for their next works.
Their music always seems to be a soft anthem with deep meaning beneath it.
Whether you’re singing along with friends or on a drive with the windows down, there’s no denying the sense of calm cheeriness this band casts upon listeners.

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