AlumKnights: Becoming involved


I graduated from Gannon University in 1961 and, for about 50 years, I concentrated on my family and my career as I made my way in this world.
In 2011, I co-chaired our 50th class reunion and was reintroduced to Gannon with great gusto. I was offered the opportunity to serve on Gannon’s Alumni Board and, for the past seven years, I have been fully engaged with this great university.
The growth at Gannon has been amazing, but there has been one constant — the same loving energy and spirit that I experienced at Gannon is still present today. This energy and spirit is contagious and I feel so much joy when I visit campus.
As an Alumni Board member I have mentored a student, chaired a committee, chaired Gannon Give Day in Rochester, N.Y., and  interacted with great colleagues as we strive to get Gannon alumni from every area of our country more involved.
My wife and I have designated Gannon in our will, and I try to give back generously to our school, which has given so much to me.
As alumni there are so many ways to remain engaged with Gannon long after your time here is over. There are so many ways you can help — it’s OK to start slow if you are very busy with life.
Our university needs engaged alumni as we continue to grow and expand in a very competitive world.
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