‘Happy Death Day’ delights

staff writer

In a perfect world, we could relive our favorite day. You cherish every memory and find things you may have missed before, but when the day is over, you can pick up back where you left off.
Tree Gelbman has different views on that, though. Reliving the day you die over and over can bring a negative light into the situation.
“Happy Death Day” focuses on a self-centered college student on her birthday, which coincidentally is also the day she dies.
Fate seems to be in her favor, though. After each brutal death, she starts the day over again, left with a painful headache from the last killing and no answers to who would want her gone.
The possibilities are endless with perpetrators ranging from her one-night stand to the sassy sorority president, the wife of her secret lover or maybe the mass murderer who happens to be residing in the nearby hospital.
The film will keep you guessing, but lacks in giving answers.
While I wasn’t expecting this movie to be a thriller, I found myself jumping out of my seat more than I’d like to admit.
With each gruesome death, I found myself shrieking in surprise as to where the killer would come from. Given everyone in the theater was expecting the death, our main character can’t avoid it.
The deaths were surprising, the plot line was easy and rather funny to follow, and Tree has a sass that makes way for a great character arch.
The only shortcoming from this film is in its final scenes.
Tree takes her killer into her own hands, which seems like the only way she will get out of the nightmare day she has been reliving; however, each time she runs into her masked killer, she overdoes her payback of constant kills.
Whether it be pushing them out a window or stabbing them multiple times, I couldn’t help but wonder how she would explain the reasoning behind her actions to authorities.
I will admit, having a cop follow her around so she can finally be done with her stabbings and shootings would lessen the humor and entertainment within the film.
However, a practical approach to being killed could always help.
Overall, the movie is a good addition to your Halloween movie binge-watching session if you’re looking for something slightly scary but not too horrific.

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