Artist Spotlight Series: Kid Quill


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Mitchell Quilleon Brown, also known by his stage name Kid Quill, is an Indiana-based hip-hop artist signed to Norham Road Records.
Brown attended DePauw University, where he played soccer, and it wasn’t until his junior year that he decided he wanted to quit soccer to pursue music.
His decision paid off as Kid Quill released his first mixtape in 2013 titled “First Cut,” followed by his debut album “Ear to Ear,” which charted on the Top 40 iTunes Hip-Hop charts.
In 2015, Brown took off on his “The College Tour: Second Semester” which included performing at the March Madness Music Festival in Indianapolis alongside Rihanna.
2016 included yet another tour, this time called “The Last Semester Tour” before announcing the release of his sophomore album “The Name Above the Title.” This time his album charted top 10 on iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap and top 105 in all genres.
This year, Kid Quill released his third studio album titled “94.3 The Reel,” which included songs like “Playlist” and “White Shoes,” which are No. 3 and 7 on his top songs on Spotify, respectively.
I had the chance to talk to Kid Quill about his most recent album, tour and some of his musical influences.

Describe the feeling of charting Top 40 on the iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap charts with your debut album.
It was so surreal because we really had no expectations at that point. We were so new to the music thing we had no idea what would happen. Fast-forward to where we are now and it’s been a blessing.

At DePauw, how difficult was it to give up your love for soccer? What was the final reason for the decision?
I was sad to give up on the guys and the friendships on the team, but I was burnt out and wanted to focus on music; I couldn’t do both. I was traveling a lot and missing practices, and it wasn’t fair to my teammates.

Do you have any advice for people who want to give up something they love to pursue their dreams?
Fail big. Just do the damn thing. Quit finding excuses and just do it. You’ll regret not trying when you’re 60.

Who has been your favorite person to perform with? On the flipside, who has been the most surreal person to perform with?
My favorite people to perform with are honestly my band. It doesn’t matter who we’re opening for or where we’re at, we have a chemistry that literally makes us brothers. My surreal moment was when I was in the studio with DMX.

Who would you most like to perform with?
I would love to be on the same bill as Jon Bellion, Big Sean or Kanye if I had to choose three. But I love connecting and linking with people so it’s tricky.
Who are your creative inspirations? Can be musical or not.
Honestly my biggest inspirations come from everyday life, both from personal experiences and things I observe. I pay attention to my surroundings and write about them.

How was the tour for your latest album?
The tour was great and it was my first time touring as the headliner. We sold out our show in Cincinnati, and that was a dream come true. Pretty surreal to see a room full of people singing my songs with me.

Give us a sentence or two on why you think fans who may not have heard of you should listen to your new album.
I’m all about positivity, and I write music about relatable things. No matter what you’re going through, I bet my catalogue has a song about it.

What’s next for Kid Quill?
Hitting the road again, then getting back in the studio.

My Top 5 Kid Quill Songs:

1. Playlist
2. A Song to Sing (Ft. Mark Battles & Devvon Terrell)
3. Leaves
4. Worst Case Scenario
5. White Shoes

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