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Publishing Update
November 20, 2023
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November 10, 2023

Demi Lovato returns with ‘Tell Me You Love Me’


staff writer

If you grew up watching Disney or Nickelodeon, then you know this star.

She is not only an iconic pop star, but also a face for mental health awareness.

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Coming back with her sixth album, Demi Lovato is ready to show you what she’s truly made of.

If you don’t like it, she is “sorry not sorry.”

At a young age, Lovato took up piano and guitar lessons, but eventually moved onto dancing and acting classes.

This led Lovato to her first gig on “Barney & Friends” as Angela.

Around the same time, Lovato decided to be homeschooled due to bullying at school.

With her new set of available time, she found herself more focused on her career.

In 2006, Lovato received her first big acting job in “Prison Break.”

Since then, she has starred in over a dozen television shows and even a handful of movies.

At the beginning of her career, Lovato saw herself as more of an actress than a singer.

In 2007, she found herself at Disney Channel auditioning for not one, but two roles.

Lovato soon received both roles: Sonny in “Sonny with a Chance” and Mitchie in “Camp Rock.”

Both roles not only captured her acting skills, but focused on her vocal skills.

Once the television movie “Camp Rock” was released, Lovato hit the studio to start working on her debut album, “Don’t Forget.”

The album blew up, and Lovato received tons of praise, especially for her pop-rock style.

Since the release of “Don’t Forget,” Lovato has released four other albums, each one receiving its own amount of praise.

Her second album, “Here We Go Again,” was praised for its similarity to her debut album.

However, her third album, “Unbroken,” did not receive the same attention.

Lovato focused more on new sounds like R&B instead of her usual pop rock.

The album received mixed reviews for the new sound, but critics appreciated her growth as a musician.

Lovato found an interest in the new sound and decided to expand this idea with her fourth album, “Demi,” which introduced a synthpop and bubblegum pop style.

Critics found this new sound delightful except those who found it “immature.”

Two years later, Lovato released her fifth studio album, “Confident.”

This was the album that truly blew up for Lovato.

The album gives a look into her life, including the loss of her father and her struggle with depression.

All of Lovato’s albums have claimed a spot on Billboard’s Top 200 in their first week.

In 2017, Lovato produced a documentary about individuals who experienced the same mental illnesses as herself.

At the same time, she announced the coming of her sixth studio album.

If you thought “Confident” was a look into her life, her next album would be a one-on-one look into her life.

Early July, Lovato released the first promotional single from the upcoming album.

The song “Sorry Not Sorry” gave fans an idea of what was to come.

Just as the buzz for the new album was about to fade, Lovato released her second promotional single off the album, “You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore.”

The single sold over 12,000 copies in its first week.

A week before the release of the album, Lovato released “Sexy Dirty Love,” the third promotional single.

On Sept. 29, Lovato released the album“Tell Me You Love Me.”

Although it is still early, Lovato’s new album has already received plenty of press.

It is easy to say that “Tell Me You Love Me” has received a solid 5 out 5 stars.

Lovato promised to be her true self in this album, and that’s exactly what she did.

Most artists are afraid to cross lines and upset fans, but not Lovato.

She sings about what she wants, and if you don’t like it, she doesn’t care.

No filter exists on this album, and this becomes clear in songs like “Sexy Dirty Love” and “Daddy Issues.”

As for the rest of the album, Lovato captures your attention with her popular R&B sound and catchy lyrics.

Don’t believe it? Well, be the judge yourself and give Lovato’s new album a listen. It is unlike any other.


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