Foo Fighters return

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Foo Fighters: if you haven’t heard of them, then you’re probably living under a rock.
Even for pop radio listeners, the Foo Fighters are a band they have heard of from songs like “Everlong,” “The Pretender,” “Best of You” or “My Hero.”
But to sum it up, Foo Fighters are the kings of playing it safe.
Record after record they produce basically the same grunge sound and pop sound mix that always leaves a sour taste in music critics’ mouths alike, and mine to.
That’s not to say that “The Colour and the Shape,” released in 1997, isn’t a great album, because it was.
It was energetic and hard-hitting but this same sound went for four albums until the 2011 record.
“Wasting Light” made everyone take a step back because it was whimsical and powerful, like the 1997 classic.
But then came the worst album and EP the band ever produced in 14’ and 15’. They saw the responce and wanted to respond.
Now, here we are in the present day with “Concrete and Gold,” and it is something they should, for the most part, be proud of.
First is that the production is a lot more muddy and dirty than in past records.
Songs like “Run,” “La Dee Da” and “Arrows” just feel so grimy and energetic.
The band took inspiration from the late ‘80s and early ‘90s punk bands.
It’s not all muddy sounding either, like in songs like “T-Shirt,” “Muddy Waters” and “The Sky is a Neighborhood.”
These are much more of a traditional Foo Fighters song, with decent cord progression, pop and catchy refrains and grunge feeling vocals and instrumentation.
Also, “Run” and “La Dee Da” have the most hysterical, but oddly satisfy, screams I have ever heard.
They are so auto tuned that it sounds like David Grohl is being chopped in a blender.
It’s a cool touch to make the record have more of an edge to it.
Now, this record does have a good deal of down sides.
One is that the lyrics are a bit cheesy at parts.
I’m not one to hone in on lyrics as much as I used to in high school, but they are just a bit cringeworthy at points.
Second is that Grohl has a great voice and knows what he is doing when he is singing, but in some of the songs they let the drummer, Taylor Hawkins, sing, and it just isn’t as crisp and soothing as David’s voice is.
I just don’t know what the band was going for when they did that.
Third and lastly, is that the album gets to be a bit one-dimensional, especially in the middle parts.
The songs just feel a bit too flat and lifeless, especially in the closing song “Concrete and Gold.” The six minutes is not justified, and it just feels awkward by the end of it.
Overall this is a happy addition to the Foo Fighters catalog and I am a happy owner of it.
There is energy, guts and power thrown into the Foo Fighters blender to change up their sound a bit. But, with its one-dimensional approach at points and the addition of cheesy lyrics it doesn’t make it that great of an album — but it’s a good album.
But, happy listening, Gannon University!
• Favorite Song: “Run”
• Least Favorite Song: “Concrete and Gold”
• Rating: low 6/10

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