Artist Spotlight Series: Witt Lowry

Artist Spotlight Series: Witt Lowry

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In the spring of 2011, a graphic designer from Connecticut by the name of Mark Laurence Richard Jr. decided that he needed another creative outlet to project his creative talents, so he began rapping. Mark created a moniker for his alter ego while scrolling through a dictionary and originally came up with the name “Witty” with which he created a YouTube channel under.
The dictionary defines witty as “showing or characterized by quick and inventive verbal humor.” His high energy and clever wordplay reinforced the name and strengthened the fact that he was just that – Witty.
In 2012, Witty released his first mixtape “Headphone Hero” across various free hosting sites such as Datpiff and YouTube where he received an overall positive response. Witt has since deleted the mixtape from his personal YouTube account and tends to refer to his next project “Kindest Regards” as his first tape.
Witty, at the time, developed a fan base for taking his music back to the basics and pouring his soul onto every track.
“Headphone Hero” was shortly followed by Mark’s final project under the name Witty titled “Kindest Regards.” “Kindest Regards” told the story of Mark Richards diving into his personal life, his dreams and opening up to his fans so they could relate. The tape became an instant go-to after experiencing a wide array of emotions including heartbreak, loss, happiness or love.
After “Kindest Regards” debuted and made its way across the internet, Witty realized he had a large following and dropped the “y” as well as developed a last name variant from his middle name to become “Witt Lowry.” The change was credited to him wanting to become “Witt Lowry” the person rather than “Witty” the rapper in order for his fans to relate more personally.
“Kindest Regards” developed Witt’s fan base into more than just social media. The famous YouTube channel “SwagyTracks” – with just over 2 million subscribers – began to pick up his music, which snowballed into other large YouTube personalities to do the same.
Witt Lowry kept his early legacy alive through his first album, “Dreaming with Our Eyes Open” delivering a speedy flow that mimicked the likes of an early Macklemore, even being referred to, lyrically, as Eminem. The purpose of this first album was to focus on songs about life and the dreams that can be achieved through dedication and accepting potential embarrassment or failure.
On Monday, Witt Lowry’s next album, “I Could Not Plan This,” was released and once again reviewed with a positive reception. The 15-track project was prefaced with five singles before release and dives into the darker side of his life, including the unexpected passing of his father.
With over 300,000 YouTube subscribers, 1 million Spotify monthly listens and 100,000 Twitter followers Witt Lowry has developed himself as an up-and-coming artist who has the raw talent to become the next big thing. With music touching all ranges of life, the relatability of his projects has helped his fan base continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

My Favorite Witt Lowry Songs:
1. “Like I Do”
2. “Running From Here”
3. “Numb”
4. “Blood in the Water”
5. “Kindest Regards”

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