Writer reflects on top summer albums


staff writer

Welcome back to school Gannon University students. Let’s get right to it; here are my top 10 favorite albums from this summer.
Take note that these are just my personal favorite albums. Maybe some are similar and maybe some aren’t. I just hope your summer music experience was as dense as mine was.
1.) Tricot – “3”
When this came across my ears, it was one life-pulling experience.
This math rock and emo album really is a hard-hitting record.
The intricate guitar work and fast paced drums will have your head spinning the whole time, but the Japanese-based band also takes hints from jazz and ‘70s rock music so the album is very accessible for all.

2.) BROCKHAMPTON – “Saturation:”
This “all-American boyband,” is actually just a massive, eight-piece rap group from Texas – and what a record they have produced.
There is something to say when a group of guys, most of them being unknown to the world, come together and create such a work of art that pulls inspiration from hard-rap, experimental rap, rhythm and blues, alternative rock and even emo and punk.
This is one dense rap project, but it is something that anyone who knows the name ‘Kevin Abstract’ should check out.

3.) Nick Hakim – “Green Twins”
There is just something about a saxophone that makes everything feel better.
This D.C. producer and multi-instrumentalist has created this psych jazz fusion record and it really is a pleasant surprise.
The soothing and soaring sax playing as well as the colorful piano makes this one a lazy river cruise ride.

4.) Eidola – “To Speak, To Listen”
Salt Lake City really produces some great post-hardcore and math fusion bands.
This album took a little time to really stick with me, but there are a lot of subtle things that make this record a fresh surprise.
So many genres are being blended together and the deep and intricate lyrics make this one a smooth but energetic listen.

5.) Tyler, the Creator – “Flower Boy”
It’s weird that I even listened to this project because past projects by Tyler have been underwhelming.
But holy bonkers this is not just a step forward, or even a leap forward — this is like leaping to the moon.
From the great flows, to the incredibly worded lyrics, this chamber rap, and hard rap album is something that everyone should try.

6.) Oceans Ate Alaska – “Hikari”
Metal-core today is just a mosh of similar sounding bands, but this UK-based band really stepped out of their comfort zone by going for odd time signature songs and playing with different Japanese instruments, making this stand out from the crowd.
If you’re looking for some interesting metal music, go for it.

7.) Fleet Foxes – “Cracked-Up”
What even is there to say about this insane album? This chamber and experimental folk band has produced three incredible albums, and this is no different. Just try it; you won’t be disappointed.

8.) Igorrr – “Savage Sinusoid”
Sometimes the best albums are the ones that you stumble on by accident.
There is really no way to explain what this album is other than a classical death metal fusion thing. Definitely not for everyone, but if you want something from left field that is extremely well-produced, give it a go.

9.) Milo- “Who Told You to Think??!!?!?!?!”
This Maine rapper is the best the underground scene has to offer.
Milo is a philosopher who raps, and his lyrics definitely show that.
If you aren’t breaking out your phone and looking up all the history, book, religious or philosophical references, then you aren’t listening to this right.

10.) A Lot Like Birds – “DIVISI”
This post-hardcore and experimental band changes everything up with their third masterpiece by going for a more pop, emo, industrial and powerful sound.

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