Green Day proves their timelessness

staff writer

Although we’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of the album’s release, Green Day’s “Revolution Radio” is far from out of style.
The album’s self-titled track “Revolution Radio” is currently trending on Gannon’s own WERG at the No. 14 spot of the Tuesday Top 30. Featuring 12 tracks, the record is Green Day’s 12th studio album.
“Revolution Radio” reached No. 1 on the Weekly US 200 Billboard Chart and No. 195 on the Year-End Billboard Chart.
Shorter than many of their recent albums, this one really packs a punch, offering listeners 44 minutes of electrifying punk-rock.
This album carries the “new” Green Day sound, stemming from the band’s rock-opera era from “American Idiot,” “21st Century Breakdown” and onward.
As a fan of their older sounds like “Dookie” and “Insomniac,” I still can’t help but like several singles on “Revolution Radio.”
Listeners who enjoyed the catchy melodies and lyrics from past songs like “Holiday,” “Know Your Enemy” and “American Idiot” are sure to enjoy at least the popular songs from this album.
The record’s top tracks “Bang Bang,” “Still Breathing” and “Revolution Radio” have official music videos on Green Day’s YouTube channel.
Just like your classic punk-rock, “Revolution Radio” has up-beat and meaningful lyrics. One song off the album, “Bang Bang,” addresses issues of war and terrorism.
One line that sticks out is: “Bang, bang give me fame, Shoot me up to entertain.”
Billie Joe Armstrong, Green Day’s singer and songwriter, has specifically used this line to address issues of using gun violence and terrorism as a means to garner attention and the aftereffect of the media covering every single incident that occurs, perhaps inspiring more violence.
“Revolution Radio,” as the name suggests, talks about revolution and protest, specifically in America (“Under the stars and stripes”).
This song is extremely relevant in a time where protest is so common but also so necessary (in the proper aspect), for issues like politics, police brutality, social discrimination, etc.
Though each member of Green Day is now 45 years old, the band is alive and well with a diverse and loyal fan base and intense sound that’s hard to shake.
This may be their 12th album, but this is far from the last we will hear of Green Day.


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