AlumKnights: Remaining a part of the community

One minute I was your typical college student, comfortably navigating campus life surrounded by a circle of friends and sorority sisters, as well as faculty and staff that had my back; the next minute I was dancing under the Gannon arch in my graduation cap and gown while my family snapped photographs.
Then all too soon after that, I was driving my car home packed full of my college possessions, where they would soon permanently reside.
Graduation is such a fickle time; whether you have post-grad plans or are just looking for some well-deserved time off, one thing is for certain: leaving Gannon for the next chapter of your life is not an easy thing to do.
Luckily, it was instilled in me very early that my relationship with Gannon is not just “four years, but for life.”
Once graduating, my mentor and good friend Jim Ahearn quickly introduced me to the fact that I am now a member of Gannon’s Alumni Association, and just one year after my graduation, I was elected to Gannon’s National Alumni Board.
This opportunity comforted me greatly; leaving Gannon after graduation was leaving the life I had grown to know and love. But thanks to being an active alumna, I didn’t have to abandon the spirit and energy that resides with Gannon and the Gannon family, even as I continue onto the next chapter in my life.
Serving on the National Alumni Board alongside Ahearn — a 1961 Gannon grad — and several other fantastic individuals is so incredibly rewarding.
I have already had the opportunity to meet new friends and develop networking connections, as well as contribute thoughts and ideas at my first National Alumni Board meeting.
Looking back at my freshman-year self — which was only five short years ago — I would have never thought that I would be in the place I am today, but Gannon helped me get to this point and continues to guide me as I move on to the next journey life has planned for me.
And for that, Gannon, I will forever thank you.

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