Solar Eclipse 2K17


College students love to party and they don’t always need a reason to throw down a rager. As students head back to school and meet up with their friends, there’s no shortage of reasons to have a good time.

Well, there’s one more reason that might just top all the rest: the solar eclipse. How fun would it be to be partying and the next thing you know it’s dark and then it’s light again? You might be thinking this in reference to blacking out, and I hope for your sake it’s not.

What I’m referring to is celestial; it’s the perfect twist to any college party or middle-class fancy barbecue. People of all ages can come together and enjoy this amazing spectacle.

Gannon University students also hosted get-togethers in order to celebrate Monday’s phenomenon. Jordan Fuller, a senior marketing and supply chain management major, mechanical engineering major Kyle Joseph and mathematics major Peter Conley hosted a backyard barbecue, which killed two birds with one stone.

The purpose of the event was to bring people together as a welcome back to campus, but it also doubled as a celebration of the solar eclipse.

Fuller said he and his crew couldn’t help but celebrate this rare celestial event.

“Well I have been a student of the stars for as long as I can remember and when we were finally given the chance to celebrate something as momentous as a total eclipse, I couldn’t help but throw a party,” Fuller said.

The theme of the barbecue was BYOM (bring your own meat), which Fuller offered to grill for each attendee. They featured music, chips and amazing cookies made by Joseph’s mother.

After the barbecue festivities were over, the young men were not done, they invited all to attend their bonfire for some s’mores and oversized marshmallows.

Fuller agreed that it was a great way to kick off senior year and celebrate an event with close friends. Fuller admitted he is excited for senior year, but it will definitely be busy for him

On behalf of The Gannon Knight staff, we wish all of you the best of luck as you kick off your 2017-2018 academic campaign.

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