Staying in touch long after graduation day


Congratulations Class of 2017. After years of writing papers, studying late into the night and enduring final exams, you’re finally graduating.
Over the past four years you’ve probably come to think of Gannon as home and your classmates and friends as your family, and that will never change. In fact, as a Gannon graduate you’ll become part of an even bigger family — Gannon’s alumni family.
While you’ll be leaving campus soon, you never truly leave Gannon. I know, because I never did. Today, nearly 30 years after graduating, I still return to campus to give lectures, participate in alumni association meetings and activities, for homecoming and beginning this fall as a proud Gannon parent.
Like any family, Gannon alumni like to stay in touch with one another, and the Gannon Alumni Association makes it easy to do. Just go to and start an alumni profile so your friends, professors and even current students looking for potential mentors, can see what you’re up to.
And just because you’re not on campus doesn’t mean you can’t still participate in Gannon traditions. Take GIVE Day for example. Alumni hold GIVE Days all over the country, so look for one in your area, and if there isn’t one, start it! All you need is one or two people to carry on the tradition.

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