Senior Social fast approaches


Networking is crucial for seniors who are preparing to graduate and start their career. Many individuals’ careers begin with networking, which continues to allow them to grow and fulfill their career expectations.
Gannon University has various opportunities for students to network during their time at the university, but the most valuable event in my opinion is the Senior Social.
The Senior Social is an event hosted by SGA, which allows all Gannon seniors the opportunity to network with alumni. There are Gannon alumni all over the world who have careers in current students’ dream jobs.
The Senior Social allows seniors getting ready to graduate to talk with these alumni and ask them how they got to where they are today, whether it be in regards to location, career, etc.
Students gain insight to different career options related specifically to their major from alumni in their corresponding field.
Alumni share stories about their career, which allows students to realize that their major is not limited to the jobs they are “expected” to take in their field of study.
I have attended this event since I was a senior at Gannon and have seen it through the eyes of a student and as an alumna. Alumni provide their contact information to students, which can lead to job opportunities, help settling in a new area or a lifelong mentor.
The Senior Social is an invaluable experience that every student at Gannon has the chance to take advantage of to further their career before it even begins. No matter how big or small you may think a networking opportunity is, it is an important aspect in our society today that has a lasting impact on all our careers.
Editor’s note: This year’s Senior social will take place on at 6 p.m. Friday, March 11, in Old Main. RSVP with Allison Mosier at [email protected] or at 814-871-7357. Seniors will receive a gift from SGA.

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