Presidential elections soon

Maybe it’s too soon to think about it now, considering we just came off such a divisive national election, but the Student Government Association (SGA) is holding presidential elections Feb. 14-16.
Why should you care about the SGA president? For one thing, the president is the liaison between students and university administration.
They are a physical representation of the student body. And they ultimately make all decisions that will affect you during your time at Gannon.
It’s a lot of responsibility for one person to carry, so the university typically helps curb the cost of their tuition. As much as you might not know about the organization, it’s important to make your voice heard when it comes to the president.
With this in mind, SGA will hold presidential debates at 5 p.m. Thursday in Waldron 219.
The candidates are sophomore finance and accounting major Kendra Walker, joined by junior business major Grant Kruszweski as chief of staff, and sophomore public health major Mackenzie Wenrick, joined by freshman pre-dental major Kishan Patel.
The candidates will discuss their campaign platforms and how they hope to serve Gannon students in their terms during the 2017-2018 school year.
Voting will take place on EngageU, with polls opening at 1 p.m. Feb. 14. Or students can manually cast votes at the SGA table in Waldron during the voting period.
After the presidential elections, positions for executive board and class representative will open for students interested in campaigning.
Watch out for The Gannon Knight’s SGA issue in March where the paper covers each candidate’s platform.