Presque Isle looks for summer lifeguards


Think you have what it takes to guard the beaches of Presque Isle this summer? Are you looking for a job that not only pays well, but will benefit physical and social aspects of your life?
If so, then come down to the Tom Ridge Environmental Center on Sunday for a recruitment session and more information on how to become a lifeguard at Presque Isle State Park.
The session will begin at 11 a.m. in Room 112. While potential candidates will need their lifeguard certificate to begin working this summer, they do not need to be certified to attend the information session.
At the information session, attendees will learn about some of the requirements to lifeguard at Presque Isle, which include certifications in CPR skills, fitness requirements such as pool and 40-yard dash times and, of course, a lifeguarding certificate.
Stephen Dunsmore, Lake Erie lifeguard manager, said that the roughly 15 requirements will be discussed in-depth at the information session.
So, why should students think about applying to be a lifeguard? For one, Dunsmore said, the job pays well at a starting hourly wage of $11.96, and employees will work a full 40 hours a week.
However, students should know that their schedule will include weekends and holidays such as the Fourth of July since these are the busiest and most crowded times at the beaches.
Those who are hired for the job will train five days a week. Every Monday through Friday morning, the Presque Isle lifeguards will work for an hour on essential lifeguarding skills, such as CPR and first aid.
“Individuals need to be in good shape to guard at Presque Isle,” Dunsmore said.
Along with the physical benefit of the job is the social benefit. Dunsmore said that since lifeguards are around a crowd of beachgoers every day, the job is great for people-building skills that will come in handy in any career path students chose to go in after college.
The average age of the lifeguards working at Presque Isle is late teens to early 20s, so any student hired would also have the opportunity to work alongside his or her peers.
Dunsmore said working for a state agency like the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources would also look good on a resume when employees plan to move on from lifeguarding and pursue other career opportunities.
Anyone interested who cannot attend the recruitment session on Sunday can contact Dusnmore at 814-833-7424 to ask any questions. While attending the recruitment session is not required to apply, it is encouraged and there will be computers available for those who wish to do so.

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